# 2 The Birth of The Organ
# 3 The Cult of One
# 5 The Oval
# 7 The Shape of the Letter T
# 8 Keep Your Denominator Low
# 9 Sacrifice
# 11 Accepting All Emotions
# 14 There is No Second
# 15 Failure = Success (Text only)
# 18 The Cow or The Steak
# 19 Peak Experiences
# 21 The Chinese Train Ride

Keep Your Denominator Low (Inst.)
What Will It Mean (Inst.)
Black Is My Favorite Color (Inst.)
Dancing w/ Organ (Inst.)
Pain (Inst.)
The Oval (Inst.)
The Cult of One (Inst.)
You’re Great
You Suck
Dealing With Family
Snackrament (Text only)
Twist Your Trephine w/ drums
Twist Your Trephine w/ strings
Primary Feelings (Text only)
TOHT/The Chinese Train Ride (Inst.)